An Experience worth Repeating!

Digger’s Sting was opened over 50 years ago by the original owner, Victor Skaff. It was named after the 1973 film “The Sting” and a mafia hit man from New York City named “Digger”, an old friend of Skaff. Digger’s Sting has been one of the most popular locations for fine dining on La Crosse’s 3rd Street since it opened. Digger’s retains its rich and vibrant history to this day. Many historic elements help to keep the gangster era vibe alive, with the melodic tunes of Frank Sinatra echoing throughout the restaurant and photos of famous celebrities from the gangster time period decorating the walls. Digger’s has impressed many from the La Crosse area and beyond with their fresh fish and meat entrees, traditional, hand-crafted martini menu, and nostalgic atmosphere for nearly half a century.


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